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Yeah if you haven’t seen “Kung Fu Hustle”, stop whatever you’re doing and go watch that shit.

will never not reblog kung fu hustle

Not enough Kung Fu Hustle gifs.

something tells me I need to see this 

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Just received my size 50 knitting needles in the mail, and I’m pretty sure these are weapons, not craft making tools


The cat’s face

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Errrr………….which one?

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"Two other people took my picture before you, so I was already popular."

I know that some people said in the comments that this outfit was culturally appropriative, but just remember that you don’t know that someone isn’t a POC or biracial just by looking at them. Don’t assume other people’s races. 

^ My immediate reaction was to be upset by this photo because, I’m sorry, I’m just so fucking sick of people stealing Asian outfits and making them cool or trendy. But then I thought that maybe she’s a mixed kid. If not, there’s a problem here, though.

Hi. I’m actually Japanese. Most of us LIKE when people find beauty in our culture. As long as nobody is disrespecting us or making a mockery of us, then there isn’t a problem, and if you think there is, then it seems that you are in favor of cultural segregation and that is causing more harm than good.
When I was in Japan, there were a lot of places where you could get done up in a kimono or the male equivalent and have your picture taken. No one cares.

Most Korean people I know are pretty delighted when foreigners wear hanbok, in a “oh, you are appreciating our culture! you look good in that” way. I have never actually heard or heard of people reacting negatively to non-Korean people wearing traditional Korean clothes, unless they were racist to begin with and would have objected to foreigners regardless of what they were wearing.

'Appropriation' is, I think, only appropriation when either it is done in a blatantly disrespectful way, or if the group whose clothes (etc) are being adopted is culturally marginalized to the degree where they themselves face discrimination when they wear those things.

Korean people, afaik, don’t give a fuck. When foreigners visit and wear our clothes, it’s in good fun by people who are usually appreciative of the aesthetic qualities of what they’re donning, and also because we ourselves have never faced discrimination for our nationality or traditional dress.

uhhh, basically, intent matters, context matters, people within the same community often have radically different ideas of what’s okay. But you know, I think the only Koreans I know who’d potentially care are the American-raised ones on liberal, activisty college campuses who are extremely well versed in the liberal, activisty language and rulebook.

Thank you!!

I also think it makes a difference in that the clothing is, you know, the actual thing and not some vaguely exotic knock-off like most people do with native american clothing. Like this is a legit, actual Kimono. There’s nothing really in the culture OF kimono that has rules about who wears this sort of thing when. Like…kimono literally means “thing you wear”. -shrug-

Bolded some of the things that stood out the most to me.

Appreciation and Appropriation are not the same thing, lets keep that in mind :/ 

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The Woman

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They are the rare and amazing people who remind you why it’s worth it.

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I’ll still choose Polly as my starter pokemon tho.

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Charles doesn’t trust Erik with his favourite books because he always breaks the spine


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Hogwarts started doing a student exchange program between the houses. Once a year, four unfortunate students would be selected and then placed in one of the other three houses for two weeks to “experience new things and better understand your fellow students.” Seriously, imagine how much fun we can have with this headcanon.

“Why is it always so dark in your guys’ dorms all the time? And p-please get that snake away from me.”

“Do Gryffindors have to be so loud ALL THE TIME? I’m trying to study!”

“I mean I sneeze and I get bombarded with two dozen ‘bless you’s! And if one more person tries to give me another passionate hug or asks me if there’s anything I want to talk about, I’m going to hex someone!”



best part, you could tell which houses the persno came from and which house they were talking to.

this is everything

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Some shows have casts that don’t really feel comfortable talking about shipping… and then you have the Agents of SHIELD cast.

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I can’t help but remember this fantastic article on The Winter Soldier:

Stan moves with measured precision and in a couple places, notably the highway ambush and the attack on the Triskelion at the end, the scenes cut between Captain America frantically running from point A to B while the Winter Soldier casually strolls to his destination, stopping only to kick people into jet engines. That contrast is subtle but it makes the Winter Soldier seem more in control—he’s already there while everyone else scrambles to catch up.

fearless mother fucker god bless him

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So I was looking at this terrible lingerie shop and….

bringing this back

she criticizes the taste of your meat for half an hour then storms off, it’s very erotic

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if i had my licence the only thing i’d use it for is mcdonalds at 3am

that is all we use it for

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